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​I am an experienced technical editor who specializes in the engineering and mining fields. I will fine-tune your technical writing with a thorough copy edit. I will proofread your documents to make sure they are free of spelling, grammar, and typographical errors. I will ensure consistency with formatting and your preferred style guide. Tables, numbers, and units will all get a thorough check for accuracy and consistency. I can help you polish your proposals and other communication with your clients to ensure you present a professional image that inspires confidence. I generally work as a contracted associate but I can also work on retainer for an agreed number of hours per month to ensure your email and printed correspondence are presenting the professional image you strive for.



My clients include an international mining consultancy, a Vancouver based engineering firm, a PhD student, and an art professor. Their requirements and time-frames are varied, but that is part of the enjoyment of the job. Attention to detail and an eye on the deadline are essential - without losing sight of the budget. 


"The editing and formatting wizardry of Ms.Gabi Green ensured that this document was ready for prime time in both digital and printed formats."

Ms L. Boxill

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